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  3. Day 24 of trying to make my summer 2014 a good one:

    So I don’t wanna write as long as last time so I’m just gonna put down some highlights.

    I woke up at 2:30 and didn’t eat breakfast because I had to go to tennis camp, so I took a shower immediately and did my regular routine.
    Then I went to tennis camp and played Australian doubles with Nathan and this one girl I don’t know who she is. She won because I let her of course… ehh. Then I played singles against nathan and was up 2-0 but practice ended shortly after.
    After practice I dropped Nathan off and Jhon came with me to my house because he is gonna help my make shorts out of my jeans that I don’t ever use! I hope those look good because I really need shorts. After that i dropped him off and went to go skate for 30 minutes, I skated really hard in those 30 minutes and sweat more then I ever had, freaking gross. I also pulled my shoulder when I fell and got my kink back that I got from golfing ):. Skating is freaking hard, but so fun when you actually know what you’re doing. So theni went to jhons house and picked up nathan on the way and we played project m and melee with kellan and richard for the rest of the night and now I’m here writing this stupid post again. And becca texted me asking if i wanted to go to whistle lake which i forgot to ask my parents and my mom being the asian she is will probably say no and that ill die jumping off cliffs, classic mom. 

    That was pretty fast and simple so ill just do it like this for now. Doing thismade me realized just how boring my days have been. ehh whatever bye bye

  4. Day 23 of trying to make my summer 2014 a good one:

    Since I have nothing to do I’m gonna write about what I’ve been up to this summer. So far I generally had a good summer, saw some friends and what not, but it could be better. So I’m gonna see just how boring my summer was by reading these later on.

    The night before I stayed up until 4 o’clock. I woke up the next morning at 3 o’clock and refreshed my life with some social media viewing. Sometimes when I scroll through my twitter I fall back asleep, and today was one of those days. I then woke up again at 4 o’clock and finished catching up on the latest tweets and instas from my fellow friends. I then proceeded to go on with my morning routine, brush my teeth, realize how good I look and go on to walk downstairs to have my own personal 4 o’clock breakfast. I had dat good good you already know, cinnamon toast crunch cuh. grabbed a bowl poured the cereal and then the milk. I then finished my cereal and drank the rest of the milk and put the bowl next to my kitchen sink. I played with my dog for a little while and continued to go on my computer. I started to play maplestory again for the memories and also played bingo within the game with my good friend Jake Sapanza, who is living in Las Vegas but I still keep intouch with him almost everyday via raidcall. I played until 6:30 and was really bored staying inside and realized i wasted half of my day sleeping. I decided I wanted to skate and at that time I received a text message from Becki Pabona at 7:00 saying “come roast marshmallows”. I thought that was nice of her to invite me and accepted saying I was going to skate before hand. I took a shower was my hair, face, then body and was ready to go skate. I went to the skate park and did some warmups and did was relearning flat ground tricks that I knew how to do before, but forgot since I haven’t skated in forever. I refound my love for skateboarding because it’s like a freestyle sport and you can do whatever you wanted to. As soon as I became tired, which was fast because I’ve never really been inshape, I thought it was time to go to becki’s house. I showed up there and was greeted into their backyard by charle’s friends and their mom. I went to the backyward to see Becki, Hunter, Morgan, Hailey, and Mike around a bonfire. I saw Mike and thought wow this is my first time meeting this guy hopefully it doesn’t get awkward, but he turned out to be a nice friendly guy and we sat around da fire making dem smores. Later Hailey and Mike offered me curly fries which why would I deny they’re curly fries, I accepted their offer and the rest of us continued to sit around the fire. Couple stuff happened with charle’s friends but I’m to lazy to type dis shit anymore.

    So here I am writing this blog and I realized how stupid this is and I probably will not continue doing this and or do this in a private blog with only fun things that I did over summer, so don’t die reading this bye bye.

  5. times like this when I need friends or a girlfriend

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  8. The best of worst Christmas. nawmsayn.

  9. worthyourweightinfanfiction:

a light snack
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  11. foreversleeplessinatlanta:

Oh how I wish you understood this.
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